Body Contouring & Cellulite

Our technology allows you to perform non-invasive and pain-free body contouring and fat reduction treatments that provide outstanding results.



Experience rejuvenating well-being with INDIBA technology, enhancing optimal health and vitality.

INDIBA treatments are non-invasive, pain-free and can be repeated life-long because they present no side effects.




We believe education is key to using INDIBA. Through our evidence-based approach, you can continuously build on your knowledge.

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Sculpture Electrodes

Set of three resistive electrodes, grip, and cable, with new designs adapted to treat users with greater comfort, speed, and effectiveness. They can be used on different facial and body areas.


Clinical Resources

Scientific literature has always been a key element for INDIBA. It demonstrates the belief that the scientific community has in our treatments. You can visit our scientific literature hub were you can easily find research papers and clinical studies.