Indiba Asia Pte Ltd, located in Singapore as Asia HQ, is managing the distribution, training, technical support services, sales and marketing of INDIBA’s products; devices, consumables and accessories, to the customers and partners across Asia Pacific region.

We pride ourselves on being proactive, customer focussed and results driven. We trust you will find us true to our vision.



INDIBA, S.A. knows that its vast high-technology and equipment requires the right training to get the best results, which is why it has a global network of prepared trainers for the INDIBA®. They’re there to maintain a continuous training programme that allows the proper immediate implementation of any new treatment protocol.

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Founded in 1983 by Mr. José Calbet, INDIBA emerged as a result of his lifelong commitment to researching and developing radiofrequency equipment. Driven by a profound motivation to safely integrate radiofrequency into the body for health benefits, Mr. Calbet’s dedication yielded 12 patents and the design of over 25 different models, garnering international recognition and numerous awards for INDIBA technology.

Although Mr. Calbet passed away in 2018, his enduring legacy and values continue to shape the essence of INDIBA. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our superior products and certified work processes adhering to ISO 13485, CE 0051, CE 0476 and FDA standards.