Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

Our technology allows you to perform non-invasive and pain-free body contouring and tightening treatments that provide outstanding results. Patients do not require any recovery time and can go back to their normal life soon after the treatment.



NDIBA’s specific INDIBA (448 kHz) does not damage the cells and for this reason there is no need to restore the condition of the tissue after treatment.

Our technology works in-depth and all the cells benefit from the activation of fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin: as a result, the skin is tightened and left feeling very soft. Also, INDIBA balances the functioning of the cells of any tissue involved in the treatment and works on the pre-adipocytes by reducing their size, which triggers a centimeter loss.

Our treatments are non-invasive, pain-free and can be repeated life-long because they present NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Products & Pack Experiences


Patients are no longer willing to suffer to stay in shape. Curious to learn how to increase your patient satisfaction and clinic profitability with ELITE NS?



Premium NS

All Deep Care treatments for less. Premium NS offers safe, painless, non-ablative treatments for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, gynecology and dermatology.




  • Excess fat & cellulite
  • Localized fat deposits (back, hips, abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, knee – internal side, double chin)



  • Rebalances cells
  • Activates metabolism
  • Reduces fat & the appearance of cellulite without damage to other cells
  • Prevents new formation of fat in treated tissues
  • Smoother and firmer skin
  • Cellulite is less visible
  • Quick procedure
  • Painless
  • No downtime




We believe education is key to using INDIBA. Through our evidence-based approach, you can continuously build on your knowledge.

Sculpture Electrodes

Set of three resistive electrodes, grip, and cable, with new designs adapted to treat users with greater comfort, speed, and effectiveness. They can be used on different facial and body areas.

Clinical Resources

Scientific literature has always been a key element for INDIBA. It demonstrates the belief that the scientific community has in our treatments. You can visit our scientific literature hub were you can easily find research papers and clinical studies.