A new era of Animal Rehabilitation.

Specific device for the use in horses, with power, protocols and accessories adapted for this species.


Benefits of VET905

The INDIBA Animal Health VET905 device is a tool for the rehabilitation treatment of horses, either in acute or chronic cases, before or after surgery. The use of VET905 is also indicated for the improvement of the athletic performance of the athlete horse, thanks to the fact that its effects also produce benefits for healthy tissue.

The benefits are given by the unique effects of INDIBA technology:

  • Provides an analgesic effect
  • Increases the volume and intensity of blood flow
  • Improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Increases tissue temperature
  • Increases cellular metabolism
  • Controls inflammation
  • Normalizes and optimizes cellular activity
  • Get an ionic balance
  • Cell biostimulation
  • Allows treatment in areas traditionally not suitable for electrotherapy
  • Accelerates healing by treating around surgical wounds
  • Allows passive exercise during treatment
  • Treatment compatible with metal implants


The therapeutic application of INDIBA bases its effects on a thermal increase in the treated tissues (diathermy). In addition, INDIBA technology generates unique and scientifically proven electrical effects for the 448 kHz frequency on the cell structure, promoting an acceleration in tissue repair mechanisms.

INDIBA technology allows the treatment of the lesion through biostimulation generated by the electrical effect or through biostimulation and the generation of tissue heat together.

Main aspects of technology:

  • Thermal and sub-thermal effect
  • Unlimited depth thanks to its use in closed circuit
  • Unlimited frequency of use in large body areas
  • Combination with other therapies and rehabilitation techniques

VET905 Treatments

General indication and applications


Joint and muscle pain management

Sacroiliac joint, Arthritis and osteoarthritis, Superficial and deep neck muscles, Dorsal and paravertebral muscles, Superficial and deep gluteal musculature.



Tendinopathies, Dismiss, Bursitis, Muscle tears, Sprains.


Acceleration of recovery and postsurgical

Chips and joint fragments, Fractures and fissures, Metallic implants, Control of inflammation and post-surgical pain.


Injury prevention and sport horse management

Pre-exercise conditioning, Relaxation and recovery after exercise, Management of muscle pain, trigger points, contractures.

Clinical Cases



Capacitive / Resistive monopolar INDIBA at 448 kHz in the treatment of tendinopathy of the tendinopathy of the horse flexor surface tendon. Clinical case.

CAMPOS, MJ1. AGÜERA E.I. REQUENA F. Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology. University of Córdoba 2 Research Doctorate in “Use of 448 KHz capacitive / resistive monopolar INDIBA in equine tendinopathies”

8 sessions in 2 weeks / injury

Accessories & Consumables



Ideal accessory to combine INDIBA with deep tissue massage, since the electrode is integrated in the manual technique and allows reaching structures with greater depth and less pain.


VET905 Road case

The Road Case is only intended to transport the VET 905 equipment without accessories, lightening the weight and allowing a more agile transport.


VET905 Soft case

If what you need is simply to move the equipment from the car to the stable, in short distances, the VET905 Soft case is for you. Light, agile and fast.


INDIBA accessories backpack

Both the Road case and the Soft case are designed not to carry accessories, therefore reducing the total weight of the device. The backpack is the solution to carry all the accessories organized and protected.


INDIBA Electrode case

Ideal for storing and transporting your electrodes, ensuring that they are not damaged by movement.


Transport Solutions

We offer solutions for all kinds of portability needs.


Vet Conductive Gel

It is formulated not only to conduct INDIBA’s exclusive electromagnetic current at 448 kHz, but also to protect your electrodes from premature wear.


Proionic VET Lotion

A conductive lotion that easily penetrates the animal’s hair and provides greater comfort when applying the treatment to dogs and cats.

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VET905 basic unit
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Conductive pack2 bottles VET Conductive Gel6 bottles VET Conductive Gel1 year of supply. Maximum 3 Premium conductive packs in 1 year
Transport SolutionRoad case and Accessories backpackRoad case, Carrying case and Accessories backpackRoad case, Carrying case and Accessories backpack

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  • Use of pacemakers or other electronic implants.
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombophlebitis



  • Oncological patient:
    • Cured patient. Can be treated.
    • Active tumour. Avoid tumour and regional ganglions.
    • During oncological treatment. Refer to the oncologist.
  • Infections: do not treat the involved area.
  • Anticoagulant medication: ask the doctor in charge.
  • Treatment in paediatric population: Ask the pediatrician in charge, given authorization, apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Impaired cognition. Apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Impaired sensation: Apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Wounds and burns: Work under aseptic conditions and under subthermal mode.


Side effects

After treatment, it is normal for patients to feel a warm sensation in the treatment area. The patient may also notice some temporary discomfort in this area. Rarely, the application of INDIBA® PROIONIC® Creams may cause minor skin irritation.