Sports Physiotherapy

The use of INDIBA INDIBA therapy improves recovery and reduces pain. The body’s natural repair process will be accelerated and treatment of an injury can begin in the acute phase; reducing pain, swelling and speeding up recovery.



An athlete when injured will try anything to accelerate the natural tissue repair process.  INDIBA INDIBA therapy stimulates tissue repair, which can be combined with manual therapy and other techniques to produce unparalleled results.

INDIBA treatments can begin in the acute stage of an injury; and continuous frequency modulation ensures there is a bio-stimulation effect without inducing heat into the tissue.

In chronic situations, by using INDIBA, deep blood flow can be increased by 79%, with a significant increase of tissue temperature, lasting well beyond the treatment time (Kumaran & Watson 2018, Kumaran et al 2017). Leading to increased recovery times and improved sports performance.





Synovial effusion

Day 1 After the treatment

1 Session

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