Speed. Power. Elegance

Innovation in high-tech and designed for horse treatments. INDIBA Equus takes to a whole new level the INDIBA technology with a device 100% developed for the equine professional and for the equestrian environment.


What is INDIBA Equus?

Equestrian sport is increasingly demanding. Horses must be faster, more agile, more elegant, more precise, which forces equine professionals to have the latest and most modern technology available for horse treatments.

Equus is the first line of devices at INDIBA and in the INDIBA market completely designed and adapted to offer horses treatments according to the equestrian environment needs. Resistant, powerful, elegant, modern, practical. That is Equus.


Product benefits

The INDIBA Equus devices are used for the rehabilitation treatment of horses, both in acute and chronic stages, and even pre- and post-surgery. The Equus line of devices can also be used to improve a horse’s athletic performance, thanks to the many benefits of our technology when applied to healthy tissue. These benefits are possible thanks to the unique effects of INDIBA’s INDIBA:

  • Provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increases the volume and intensity of blood flow, supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Increases tissue temperature
  • Increases cellular metabolism and activates cell biostimulation
  • Normalizes and optimizes cellular activity
  • Allows treatment in areas traditionally not suitable for electrotherapy
  • Accelerates healing processes
  • Allows passive exercise during treatment
  • Treatment compatible with metal implants


As with many of INDIBA’s devices, the underpinning technology of Equus devices is INDIBA. INDIBA’s INDIBA technology uses an electrical current at a specific frequency of 448 kHz to activate a cascade of beneficial effects. These are split into thermal and electrical effects, which accelerate tissue repair mechanisms, leading to an expedited healing process in the treatment area.

Watch this explanatory video HERE.

A few of the main benefits of this technology include:

  • A powerful thermal and sub-thermal effect
  • Unlimited treatment depth thanks to a closed-circuit electrical current
  • Unlimited frequency of use in large body areas
  • Wide-ranging compatibility with other therapies and rehabilitation techniques
  • Application on healthy tissue to enhance functionality

High-tech innovation for horse treatments

The Equus devices are the first-ever devices in the RF market to be 100% developed to serve the needs of the equine professional and to be applied on horses. From software to accessories, they have all been carefully developed and designed for the equine sector.


Smart Handle

A step into the future of the INDIBA devices! The Equus Smart Handle introduces a unique way of application, never known in INDIBA devices before: Capacitive and Resistive electrodes connected to the same handle. No more extra cables, no more mess!

Why Smart?

The Smart Handle is able to recognize the electrode that is being connected to it. But that’s not all! It has a screen that will show the time left for a treatment, buttons and control remotely the power applied, and it can also detect the temperature beneath the active electrode. All in a small, ergonomic handle, completely thought for the equine environment (waterproof seals, resistant materials).

Equus Pro

200w of power

INDIBA Equus Pro is suited for large, deeper treatments for horses, where high power is needed, such as the back, sacroiliac joint or the neck. Includes a complete pack of products and transport options to choose from.

Equus Light

65w of power

INDIBA Equus Light concentrates your treatments in smaller areas where power is not as important as practicality. Includes a selection of accessories for a quick in-and-out horse treatments. And with our transport solutions, you can take your Equus anywhere you go.

Clinical Cases


INDIBA Equus provides a wide range of treatments for horses, from muscle pain management to rehabilitation treatment


Joint and muscle pain management

Sacroiliac joint, Arthritis and osteoarthritis, Superficial and deep neck muscles, Dorsal and paravertebral muscles, Superficial and deep gluteal musculature.



Tendinopathies, Dismiss, Bursitis, Muscle tears, Sprains.


Acceleration of recovery

Chips and joint fragments, Fractures and fissures, Metallic implants, Control of inflammation and post-surgical pain.


Injury prevention and sport horse management

Pre-exercise conditioning, Relaxation and recovery after exercise, Management of muscle pain, trigger points, contractures.